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Sustainability Goals

Using energy efficiency to deliver emission reduction and sustainability targets.

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective method of emission reduction, and helps many organisations reach their sustainability targets. To assist you in reaching your sustainability goals, we've compiled a number of resources based on our experience delivering guaranteed energy savings projects.

Sustainability Professionals Guide to Energy Efficiency Upgrades

What Sustainability Professionals need to know about planning, delivering and maintaining energy savings.

Part 1: The Foundation

As a sustainability expert, you’ve led from the front in setting organisational targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Perhaps you’ve even developed a sustainability plan that details what the organisation is going to do to deliver those emission reductions. But, how do you ensure that the energy savings, and emission reductions are delivered and maintained?

The key to delivering energy savings is understanding the following topics:

Energy Audits
Energy Performance Contracts
Measurement & Verification
Operation & Maintenance

Rather than explain the in-depth theory of what each of these topics are, this guide will tell you how to use them to deliver & maintain real energy savings.

Part 2: How to Deliver & Maintain Energy Savings

In theory energy audits, Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs), and Measurement & Verification are all straightforward, and will contribute to saving energy for your business. However, if you want a quality result from your energy efficiency upgrade, each of these aspects of your project must be delivered to a high standard.

In part 2 of our guide, I’ll up-skill you on some of the common quality gaps from my experience developing, delivering and reviewing energy efficiency upgrades.

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