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If your building is about to become affected by the Commercial Building Disclosure program, it is worthwhile completing a NABERS rating self-assessment to align your expectations. It may also give you an opportunity to improve your rating before advertising it becomes legislated.

To complete a NABERS energy self-assessment you’ll need to select between a Base Building, Whole Building or Tenancy rating. What you’ll need:

  • Building Postcode
  • Building Net Lettable Area
  • Number of computers (for Whole Building or Tenancy rating)
  • 12-months of electricity, gas, diesel and/or coal consumption data
    • This data will need to align with the selected rating (Tenancy, Base Building or Whole Building)

You will receive a rating from 0 to 6 stars, which is benchmarked against buildings of your size in your location. For NABERS Energy tools for offices the star rating translates to:

6 stars........ Market leading performance
5 stars........ Excellent performance
4 stars........ Good performance
3 stars........ Average performance
2 stars........ Below average performance
1 star.......... Poor performance
0 stars........ Very poor performance

If you’re building rating is below 4 stars, it is highly likely that there are cost effective measures that can easily improve your rating. Ratings of 3 and below are generally considered ‘poor’. Whilst a rating of 4.5 stars is required to attract Government tenants.

Go to NABERS Rating Calculator

If you would like to improve your NABERS rating, the first step is to conduct an energy audit. Contact us to arrange an energy audit for your facility.

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