Independent Expertise to Improve Your
Commercial Building

Bring our experience delivering guaranteed energy saving projects to your commercial building.

EQ esco helps you save money in your commercial building, reducing your exposure to rising energy costs and improving tenant relationships. Best of all, by using our expertise to support you, we take the pain out of finding the right solution for your building. This is how:

1. FREE Consultation

We provide a free consultation to conduct a preliminary opportunity assessment, discuss your energy efficiency goals and available financing opportunities.

2. Conduct an Energy Audit

We will quantify energy savings and project costs by conducting an Australian Standard energy audit of your facility.

3. Contractor Procurement

We identify experienced contractors to deliver your energy saving project, and assist you with procurement.

4. Implement Project

We act as an independent commissioning agent for your project, ensure verification of energy savings and validation of system performance.

Step 1: Free Consultation

Preliminary Assessment

Our preliminary assessment is focused on familiarising ourselves with your facility, so we can tailor our services. At a high level, we will identify energy saving opportunities to be explored further in a detailed audit.

1-Hour Consultation

We want to understand your needs and the outcomes you want from improving your energy efficiency. The outcome you want to achieve informs every aspect of our work, and is the benchmark for your project.

Step 2: Energy Audit

Beyond the Australian Standard

Our staff are trained to deliver audits to meet, and exceed, the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 3598:2014) for energy audits. The Australian Standard defines three audit types; Type 1 (Basic), Type 2 (Detailed) and Type 3 (Precision Subsystem). We strongly recommend Type 2 audits as they provide a balance between usefulness and cost.

Implementation Focus

Our experience delivering guaranteed energy saving projects informs the strong implementation focus we bring to our energy audits. This means real, actionable advice that is a stepping stone to improving your efficiency – don’t expect a theoretical report that is easily forgotten.

Step 3: Contractor Procurement

Selection of Contractors

Having completed our energy audit, we now have a detailed understanding of your facility. Combined with your goals and desired project outcomes, we leverage our network of high-quality contractors to find suitable parties to tender for your energy efficiency upgrade.

Project Financing & Incentives

We have access to several, energy efficiency specific, financing options that can help you realise energy savings as soon as your project is completed. This is in addition to our knowledge of Government incentives and programs for completing energy efficiency upgrades.

Step 4: Project Implementation & Validation

Validate System Performance

We act on your behalf to ensure the installed systems are operating correctly. In the industry, this role is known as an Independent Commissioning Agent. As a part of this process, we also provide advice to contractors to drive optimal building performance.

Verify Energy Savings

After installing an energy saving system or product, verifying the achieved level of energy saving is crucial to ensure your return on investment is being met. We equip you with the savings data you need, verified by a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional.

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