Independent Expertise To Improve Your
Commercial Building

Energy Management. Building Tuning. Measurement & Verification.

Get independent advice for any part of your energy efficiency journey. We can help you plan energy efficiency programs and upgrades. Complete building tuning and independent commissioning for existing and newly constructed buildings. Verify the energy saving performance of your upgrade by utilising our Certified Measurement & Verification skills.

Energy Planning & Audits

We assist organisations in planning their energy efficiency journey, whether you already have an energy management plan or are just starting out.

Building Tuning & Commissioning

We bring our expertise in the delivery of energy performance contracts and efficient building upgrades to ensure you are getting the greatest value out of your energy projects.

Measurement & Verification

Independent proof of your energy savings by a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP). Planning for effective M&V and review of M&V plans.

Energy Planning & Energy Audits

Energy Planning

Charting your course through the energy efficiency industry can be complex. We help you strategically plan energy audits and upgrades to maximise your return on investment in energy management.

Energy Audits

Our staff are trained to deliver audits to meet, and exceed, the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 3598.1). Our audits are heavily implementation focused, consider this a major step toward improving your energy efficiency - not a report that will gather dust.

Building Tuning & Independent Commissioning


There is a huge untapped potential in existing commercial buildings to achieve significant energy savings through building tuning. Our unique experience in building control systems and energy efficiency provides a performance focus for improving your facility.

New Construction

NABERS pre-commitments are being extensively used in new construction, particularly for clients aiming for 5+ Star ratings. We take the uncertainty out of delivering on your commitment by accurately predicting future consumption with energy modelling, developing innovative control strategies to tune the building to optimal performance, and ensure contractors deliver on client expectations.

Measurement & Verification

Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs)

EPCs are a popular way of procuring large scale energy upgrade, particularly for Governments and large commercial clients. You get the benefit of our experience delivering EPCs to verify the contractor's Measurement & Verification plans meet the International Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Post-Installation Verification

After installing an energy saving system or product, validating its performance can help strengthen future business cases to further invest in energy efficiency. We equip you with the savings data you need, verified by a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP). 

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