Is Now the Time to Upgrade Commercial Buildings in Victoria?

May 31, 2017By Kieran McLeanEnergy Audits, Energy Efficiency, Financing, Government Policy No Comments

Winter 2017, is this the perfect time for energy upgrades for commercial buildings in Victoria? The Federal Government is requiring more office buildings to advertise their NABERS energy rating, energy security has become a mainstream conversation topic, and the Victorian Government are offering finance and financing assistance to building owners. Commercial Building Disclosure Program The … Read More

How to Complete a NABERS Rating Self-Assessment

May 19, 2017By Kieran McLeanEnergy Audits, Energy Efficiency, Government Policy, How To No Comments

If your building is about to become affected by the Commercial Building Disclosure program, it is worthwhile completing a NABERS rating self-assessment to align your expectations. It may also give you an opportunity to improve your rating before advertising it becomes legislated. To complete a NABERS energy self-assessment you’ll need to select between a Base … Read More

The Silver Lining of the CBD Program

April 18, 2017By Kieran McLeanEnergy Audits, Energy Efficiency, Government Policy No Comments

The Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program has been in Federal Government legislation since 2010. However, from the 1st July 2017, the threshold for commercial properties requiring an energy efficiency assessment will reduce from 2,000m2 to 1,000m2 if they are to be sold, leased or sub-leased. Whilst many will be annoyed with the additional compliance cost, … Read More

Protect Your Investment as ‘Green’ Property Becomes the Norm

January 17, 2017By Kieran McLeanCase Studies, Energy Efficiency, How To, Investing No Comments

Written by Kieran McLean, Certified Energy Manager, Certified Measurement & Verification Professional and Founder of EQ esco. In the December 2016 Australia and New Zealand Property Journal, it was noted of the commercial property market, “Going green has become the norm, and those left outside the movement will find their Return on Investment (ROI) may … Read More

Will CBD Impact Tenant Decision Making?

December 7, 2016By Kieran McLeanEnergy Efficiency, Government Policy, Investing No Comments

  With the expansion of the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program, property owners and managers need to ask, “Will the CBD program influence tenant decision-making?” After all, this is exactly what the program is intended to do. The effectiveness of the program and the efficiency of your building will combine to create different investment outcomes. This infographic … Read More

How Sustainability Professionals Can Enable Lasting Efficiency

November 29, 2016By Kieran McLeanEnergy Efficiency, How To No Comments

Why do energy savings deteriorate after a project is completed and handed over? With much enthusiasm, you and your Sustainability Team have set an ambitious target for delivering emission reductions for your organisation. Senior management have approved your project, and you’ve engaged an energy efficiency provider who has delivered your upgrade. In the first year, … Read More

What is the Commercial Building Disclosure Program?

November 23, 2016By Kieran McLeanEnergy Efficiency, Government Policy No Comments

If you sell, lease or sub-lease a commercial building over 2,000m2, you are legally required to have a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC). This legal requirement is legislated in the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010, and is more commonly known as the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program. So far, over 1,500 unique buildings have been … Read More