Independent Expertise to Improve Your
Commercial Building

Bring our experience delivering guaranteed energy saving projects to your commercial building.

EQ esco helps you attract and retain tenants by increasing your NABERS ratings and lowering your energy costs. Our independent focus, informed by experience delivering guaranteed energy saving projects, is to bring you the real benefit of energy efficiency without the uncertainty or complexity.

This is what commercial buildings in Australia can achieve by improving their energy efficiency:

Up to 62% Savings

Older commercial building can even achieve savings of up to 62%.

NABERS Rating Improvement

Buildings with 5 Star NABERS ratings attract long-term, trustworthy tenants, such as Governments.

Less than 3 Year Payback

Upgrades have a fast Return on Investment.

65% More Comfortable

Energy efficiency buildings provide a more consistent temperature profile, increasing tenant comfort.

How to Get Started?

By using our independent energy efficiency expertise to support you, we take the pain out of finding the right solution for your building. We work with you from the preliminary assessment phase right through to verifying your project has delivered the promised energy savings. This is how:

Learn About Energy Efficiency

Start making energy savings now! We've compiled our industry expertise into a number of simple to read resources so you can get a start on your next energy project.

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Partner with EQ esco

Unsure where to start? We provide clear, independent advice for every stage of your energy journey, from project planning, to independent commissioning and verification of energy savings.

Get Assistance from an Energy Expert

Why Partner with EQ esco?


We have an established network with the industry’s leading technology and service providers. We match these high-quality contractors with the unique features of your project, to deliver investment certainty. Furthermore, we independently commission and verify their performance on our projects to continuously improve the outcomes we deliver to our clients.


Our staff have experience delivering multi-million dollar guaranteed energy saving projects. This experience informs our implementation focused approach to energy efficiency improvements. For our clients, this means real, actionable advice. We want you to use our experience to improve your energy efficiency, not to compile theoretical reports.


Our staff include Certified Energy Managers and Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals, as accredited by the Association of Energy Engineers. These external qualifications from the World’s leading body for energy management professionals, brings certainty to our clients of the quality of service we provide.


We are immersed in the energy efficiency market daily, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Our customers benefit from our up to date knowledge of the industry, meaning we can deliver leading technology, maximising the longevity of our client’s investment. We often share our insights on our blog, the knowledge hub.

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EQ esco is a proud member of the Energy Efficiency Council - the peak body for energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management in Australia.

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